• Vertebral Subluxation

    There is a specific and scientific reason you are up to your neck in pain. Most likely it is due to your spine not being in a healthy alignment. Unhealthy spine alignment is a mechanical and neurological problem called Vertebral Subluxation.

  • Expect A Miracle

    Our patients travel for miles from every direction for the world renowned Gonstead Technique. The science behind this cutting-edge technique results in the most accurate, specific, and effective approach in evaluating and adjusting the spine.

  • Corrective Care

    Before and After postural spinal imaging results are an important component of realizing the success or furthering of our focused efforts on the intervertebral discs to realign the structure of the spine towards optimal position.

  • Inside-Out Health

    Health is defined as the optimal function of your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our team of wellness experts have developed curriculum to help you live intentionally in the value categories of Function, Food, Fitness, Family, Fun, and Future.

  • Community Outreach

    We believe the ultimate expression of health resides in giving back to our community. Our passion to serve and bring hope and healing extends beyond the confines of our office. Join us in making Redding a better place.

Redding Chiropractor Dr Bobby FanoCHIROPRACTIC EXCELLENCE

Vertical Chiropractic serving Redding California is your cutting-edge corrective chiropractic care resource. Rooted in science and representing the best of the old and the new in chiropractic through the world renowned Gonstead Technique, Vertical Chiropractic is dedicated to providing drug-free, patient-specific health care that works with nature rather than against it. With gentle chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference is removed and cell metabolism, organ function, and overall physical well-being is restored. We specialize in pregnancy, pediatric development, and adult health to enhance lives by building the foundation for a healthy body and mind from within.


As Redding’s advanced chiropractor and one of the top Gonstead practitioners worldwide, our lead doctor of chiropractic has helped thousands across Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah avoid back surgery, eliminate back and neck pain, and regain optimal health. Our team has 1 of 60 Gonstead Diplomates on the planet and our goal is to target the source of your spinal misalignments and reverse it.

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