vertical vision


It all began in the mountains of Colorado where word spread of patients being healed of pain, debilitating headaches, heart and thyroid conditions, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, and they even saw a tumor shrink. As one of the largest clinics in the area, patients traveled many miles from New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah to experience the difference. Since 2010, Vertical Chiropractic has spearheaded a healing movement representing the best of the old and the new in corrective chiropractic care. Our doctors are steeped in the rich history and clinical excellence of the Gonstead Technique and have achieved results with cases where other health care approaches failed. Having helped hundreds of people each week ranging from 1 day old to 95 years of age, we believe everyone should be living at their God-given health potential. Driven by the referral of happy, satisfied, and successful patient cases, this family practice is growing at an exciting pace.

Vertical Chiropractic is fully committed to teaching this community the “inside out” paradigm of health as we are not only a healing center, but also an educational institution. We believe your health is your greatest asset in life and invite you to see how we raise a healthy family.