Our team is experienced and committed to the “inside out” paradigm of health.


Bobby Fano, DC, MS, DGCSS

Founder | Lead Gonstead Doctor

Dr. Bobby Fano, DC, MS, DGCSS, is the founder of Vertical Chiropractic with multiple locations in California and Colorado. A graduate of Life University, Dr. Fano is a certified Gonstead instructor, former Gonstead Study Club president, and was handpicked to serve as faculty at Life University, where he taught chiropractic technique. He also holds the advanced status of Gonstead Diplomate with the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society and is Webster Technique certified for pregnancy care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Fano travels nationwide mentoring other Gonstead doctors and frequently manages difficult spinal cases with patients who journeyed across the nation seeking his care.

Eight years into practice and more than 70,000 specific scientific adjustments later, Dr. Fano still dedicates himself to specializing in the world-renowned Gonstead Technique. His extensive studies in biomechanics, exercise science, and injury management, plus his experience with pregnancy and pediatric development, afford him a unique perspective of what works in health care—and what doesn’t. A published researcher, he recognizes that our bodies were created by intelligent design and is committed to helping families through corrective chiropractic care. Dr. Fano professes better health through better living by working with nature rather than against it. With a teacher’s heart, his purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible back toward optimal health.


Brandi Fano

Co-Founder | Health Coach

Brandi, the wife of Dr. Fano and co-founder of Vertical Chiropractic, serves as the Wellness Coordinator and Health Coach. Brandi is passionate about life and raising her three children to live at their God-given potential.  She is committed to teaching other mothers to raise their children naturally and drug free.



Chiropractic Assistant

Jessica serves as a chiropractic assistant at Vertical Chiropractic and is passionate about health and nutrition. She studied human biology at Biola University and is aspiring to further her education and experience in healthcare. She believes that we are designed to live in perfect health and that chiropractic care can help achieve those results.  



Chiropractic Assistant

Sheila was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has over 25 years experience in office administration and serving the public.  She is pursuing her goal of living a healthy lifestyle and desires to see those around her achieve this as well. Sheila joined our team as a Chiropractic Assistant here at Vertical Chiropractic, Redding, from its inception and is excited to serve and see others experience health and healing in connection to receiving ongoing chiropractic care. 


I have had diabetes type 1 and had celiac disease (gluten intolerance) since I was 11. I also had trouble sleeping through the night and felt tired all day. After a couple months of being under Dr. Bobby’s care my blood sugar has leveled out and I am taking less insulin. My celiac is completely gone; I can eat bread! I am also sleeping better and have more energy than ever before!

Holly, 24

I was introduced to the Gonstead approach with Dr. Bobby after visiting several other chiropractors. I’ve had lower back issues for 13 years now, and had to have surgery 3 years ago for a ruptured disc. This worked well until early this summer when bending over to pick something up, I fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up. I couldn’t walk for 5 days and then I walked only with the help of a cane in each hand. I was at a real low in my life….I did not want another surgery. This is when I met Bobby and Brandi. I am now back to playing with my girls and living life as it should be thanks to them. I am about halfway through my care plan and can honestly say, “I feel like a million bucks.” My three little girls and my wife all see Dr. Bobby now too, and they just adore him. Thank you, Bobby and Brandi, you are the answer to so many prayers!!!

Ryan, 33

I came to see Dr. Bobby due to pain in my back and stiffness in my neck. My pain is gone, and range of motion has returned. I had been using an inhaler for breathing problems, which I now understand was caused by poor posture. This resulted in a mucus build-up in my brachial passages. The adjustments have corrected my posture, and now I am no longer using an inhaler as well.

Jon, 67

I had been to other chiropractors and practitioners, and the pain was just getting worse. I met Dr. Bobby and decided to go see him as a last resort. I was amazed at how much time he and Brandi spent educating me on the nervous system and how the body works. I finally had an explanation of the cause of my pain. After just three weeks of care, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! I am no longer in pain and no longer taking Tylenol and Advil. I now believe in healing and I am so grateful for Dr. Bobby and Brandi.

Brenda, 47

My reason for chiropractic care is my allergies were really bad, and my parents tried all kinds of things to get rid of them but nothing worked well. I would be up all night and in a bad mood all day. After seeing Dr. Bobby my allergies are gone, I can sleep through the night, and I can breathe through my nose again!

Blake, 11