Surgical Cases

Before Back Surgery

Did you know that most people still live in pain after spinal surgery and many operations result in a second spinal surgery? A study in the journal Spine explains that many times spinal surgery leaves patients in more pain. Researchers reviewed records showing that only 26% of 725 patients who had back surgery returned to work, and they also found that there was a 41% increase in the use of painkillers in those who had surgery. There are extreme cases when surgery is necessary but should only be considered after more natural, less invasive methods have been given a fair chance. For years chiropractic has been documented as able to save people from spinal surgery. Reports of an MRI reveal a disc herniation, or protrusion in the neck or lower back, was reduced or completely reabsorbed under chiropractic care. Had they not sought out chiropractic, many of these individuals undoubtedly would have had surgery.

After Back Surgery

Our office has programs that exists to serve people after spine surgery with the most advanced chiropractic care to enhance their quality of life and prevent further spine damage. Several examples in the literature show positive results with chiropractic and patients with failed spinal surgeries. In its clinical practice guidelines, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHPCR) recommends treating the pain of most acute low back problems with spinal adjustments. It is best to begin with conservative approaches and to progress to more invasive approaches only as clinically necessary. Scientists surveyed 100 individuals with low back pain who underwent chiropractic care. Overall, patients experienced a 50% reduction in low back and leg pain within 16 days.  Our doctors are experienced with a variety of spinal surgeries and our goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life and longevity of their spine with our non-surgical technique. Our doctors use specialized clinical protocols to properly diagnose and treat patients with getting the quickest results in mind. It is our aim to adjust underlying spinal dysfunction existing prior to or after surgical intervention.  In fact, surgical intervention introduces structural and functional compensations to spinal movements that result in accelerated aging and more damage to the spine over time.


Gonstead Patient Testimonials

“I had low back surgery several years ago and have lived in constant pain. Gonstead chiropractic has helped me with the pain making my life better.”

“After my spinal cord surgery, no chiropractor could help me. For 10 years the pain kept getting worse. Gonstead chiropractic has brought needed relief to my life and reduced some of the pain so I can function in life.”
Joan D.

“We both have had spinal surgeries from too many years driving tractors and farm work in general. We are very thankful to have found the Gonstead method and how well it has treated our problems.”
John and Shirley H.