Inside-Out Health


Health is defined as the optimal function of your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our team of wellness experts have developed curriculum to help you live intentionally in the value categories of Function, Food, Fitness, Family, Fun, and Future.

Automobiles are always easier to maintain than fix. The same is true of our vehicle in life – the body. We believe your HEALTH is your most important asset in life. If you think about it, your body influences your mood, thoughts, and actions. Further, if your body is not healthy, you lose momentum in your ability to generate income, in your relationships, in fun activities, and ultimately your SOUL PURPOSE. Since health is a journey and not a destination, being under corrective care naturally builds the foundation to a wellness and health promotion lifestyle. You were put on this planet for a purpose and our mission is to maximize your God-given health potential.

Our team has partnered with local and international health experts to bring you the latest teachings in the philosophy, science, and art of the modern inside-out health lifestyle. We have formulated our program called the Vertical Life, and it is designed to help you gain an understanding of applying excellence in the life value categories of Function, Food, Fitness, Family, Fun, and Future. Check our Events page or subscribe to our Newsletter on our website for upcoming workshops and seminars. We invite you to join and see how we raise a healthy family.