Vertebral Subluxation


There is a specific and scientific reason you are up to your neck in pain. Most likely it is due to your spine not being in a healthy alignment. Unhealthy spine alignment is a mechanical and neurological problem called Vertebral Subluxation.
The Gonstead Technique recognizes that proper intervertebral disc function is the foundation to a healthy spine and nervous system. Physical and emotional traumas can shift and misalign the spinal bones directly injuring and altering the mechanics of the intervertebral discs. Disc injury causes soft tissue damage, swelling and tissue expansion irritating the delicate nerves nearby. This nerve pressure negatively affects the organs and glands under their control. As a result, the damaged and unstable spinal joints then tighten the surrounding muscles. Spinal misalignments causing nervous system interference is called vertebral subluxation and can be present without symptoms. If left uncorrected, subluxation may lead to spinal decay over time.
Correcting subluxation is the focus of your chiropractic care. Our team is comprised of highly experienced Gonstead chiropractors that have helped many people regain their health and quality of life. Your customized corrective care plan will consist of a series of specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments that are gentle, safe, and effective. Adjustments at specific places and the right time help restore the structure of your spine and the function of your nervous system. As nerve interference is removed, your body’s ability to heal, function and operate is restored and symptoms often subside.