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From The Inside Out!

From The Inside Out!


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Vertical Chiropractic is the home of the best Chiropractor in Redding, CA – Dr. Bobby Fano. It is a very common misconception that Chiropractors can only help with back aches, stiff necks (whiplash), or slipped discs. The holistic approach Dr. Bobby takes is not focused on the symptoms, but on the root issues. We want your body to be healthy from the inside out, and our practices ensure the highest quality of care.

The understanding that the mind and body will heal itself is in fact true – this is the foundation of Chiropractic Care. You would be surprised at how many issues this applies to, and how Chiropractic practices can aid in your body healing and performing better.

Here’s a few conditions that Dr. Bobby Fano can help treat through Chiropractic care (and more).

  1. Migraines and tension headaches

Did you know that a staggering 9/10 American deal with headaches on a regular basis? Not all are the same, but there is no instance of a headache that is welcome. From the dullest tension to debilitating pain mixed with nausea and sensitivity, headaches are not fun.

The primary type of care provided by Chiropractors is spinal manipulation. It’s not scary like it may sound, but a series of simple alignments that is VERY effective in treating tension headaches, and chronic migraines that stem from the neck area.

Muscle tension in the neck is responsible for most headaches, and is a result from poor posture or staying the same position for multiple hours throughout the day (sitting at work or in from of a TV). This neck tension has a direct effect on joint irritation in the upper back and your scalp resulting in headaches.

What can the best Chiropractor in Redding, CA do?

  • Perform a series of chiropractic adjustments that will help improve overall spinal function and relieve the stress on your body.
  • Advice on your nutrition, and the recommended adjustments that may be necessary for your body to function at a higher level. This may be different foods, or a higher intake of certain vitamins and minerals.
  • Bobby can help with tips on posture, exercises, and simple ways to be aware of your bad habits throughout the day.
  1. Stress and anxiety

Stress typically comes from our body, environment, or emotions.

How does the environment create stress? Weather, noise, time limitations, inconvenience, and other stimulations can affect the status of your stress levels.

Physical stress on the body can be a result of fighting a disease, organ performance (toxins), low nutrition, lack of sleep, and bodily injury. Body stress also weighs on your mental and emotional state.

Emotional stress is more difficult to define, but is connected to our attitude, reactions, comfort, etc.

When stress or anxiety continue for extensive periods of time it can result in high blood pressure, muscle damage, infertility, diabetes, ineffective immune systems, and delayed physical healing.

What can the best Chiropractor in Redding, CA do?

  • The release of muscle tension. When the body is dealing with chronic stress it puts pressure on the body resulting in nerve irritation, misalignment in the spinal column, and over exertion of vital organs. Releasing muscle tension helps balance the body and provide a state of healing.
  • Through chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Bobby can help alleviate spinal nerve irritation which allows better blood circulation. This tells your body to go into a state of healing instead of fighting.
  • Nutritional recommendations for your diet and supplemental intake. For example, B vitamins help the body work through stress.
  • Bobby can also provide daily practices to help alleviate poor posture. For example, going outside for an environmental change, and doing some simple stretches to aid your body in releasing tension or creating atrophy.